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Warm Feet for Woodlarkers

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

A woman sitting at the side of a woodland trail, wearing green wool hiking socks and brown leather hiking boots
Every woodlarker needs good hiking socks!

If there's one thing a woodlarker needs to keep them happy, it's warm socks and comfy feet in the colder months. If you've ever worn handknitted socks, you'll know that you just can't beat them for comfort, warmth and for being so hardwearing.

Use code WOODLARKER25 for 25% off the Crow Path socks via Ravelry

Please note: This is for a PDF knitting pattern for hiking socks, not for a finished pair of socks :-) You will receive a PDF copy of the pattern emailed to the email address you provide to Ravelry.

The socks featured in this post are from a knitting pattern for hiking socks called Crow Path by Hedgewoven Designs. The socks knit up quickly and the pattern is easier than you'd think.

The pattern gives a long-lasting pair of good hiking socks and the thicker yarn also makes them speedy to knit – perfect for a last-minute gift for the wayfarer in your life, and they also make rather fabulous indoor socks for lounging around on rainy days ❤

Dark green handknitted hiking socks on a mossy log in a woodland setting
Crow Path socks by Hedgewoven Designs

They’ll keep toes warm on the trails and the hardwearing heel not only looks good, but is also squishy and soft to help keep feet comfortable. The pattern is ribbed throughout so the socks will be stretchy and forgiving for different foot shapes, and you can easily adjust the height of the leg and the length of the foot as you go along.

Close up of ribbed knitted socks
Detail of the Crow Path rib pattern

- If you're already a sock knitter, you'll enjoy how quickly these knit up (fabulous for Yule gifts or stocking fillers!)

- If you're a knitter who hasn't tried making socks yet, this pattern is simple enough for it to be your first try. Don't be put off by the thought that socks are difficult, or by terms you don't understand yet. If you have a little experience of knitting in the round (even making a simple tube as a practice) then you're able to give this go. The pattern is written with beginners in mind and contains extra guidance notes to help you through, and the socks knit up quickly due to the thicker yarn.

- If you're not a knitter, befriend one and gift them this pattern and some aran-weight sock yarn ... your feet will thank you for it! ^_^

You can find details of materials and sizing here.

The chilly months are coming - it's the perfect time to cast on! Use code WOODLARKER25 for 25% off the Crow Path sock pattern

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4 comentarios

I bought this pattern looking forward to knitting these soon. I normally use 4 ply sock wool so these will knit up quicker

Me gusta
01 oct 2023
Contestando a

They're wonderfully quick! Would love to hear how you get on with the pattern 🙂

Me gusta

02 sept 2023

Love these socks - the pattern, for sure... and that color! I have a few sock patterns on the docket for the winter months... but I may have to bookmark this to purchase in the future.

Me gusta
11 sept 2023
Contestando a

Thanks Rose - sounds like you have some excellent winter knitting lined up!

Me gusta
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