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Spirit of Old Shop Info

Updated: 3 days ago

Shop updates every Monday and Thursday, 7pm UK time (BST)

New items will be the first listed on this page when the update is live (until then, it will simply display the items from the last update).

Spirit of Old uses BST, London time

Items in the latest update:

General shop update info

Spirit of Old shop updates are generally every Monday and Thursday, 7pm UK time.

Inevitably, there are times when life throws various curveballs so it's always possible that the time may vary a little, or (very occasionally) the day may need to be changed. I'll keep this shop link up-to-date with current info.

About Spirit of Old

Most of our Woodlarking followers are already well aware of the Spirit of Old shop as that came long before the blog, but it's always possible that someone is discovering things the other way around.

Small owl carved from deep brown wood, against a natural stone background
"Forest Friend" Owl Bead

Spirit of Old was born from a love of nature and deeply held Pagan beliefs. Andy is Spirit of Old's craftsman, and he crafts all manner of Pagan and nature-themed figures, pendants, amulets and ritual tools using decent, earthy materials. I'm Louise, and I run the shop side of things, from photographing new items, to listing, packing and posting ... oh, and fuelling the master craftsman with cups of tea ;-)

On our regular woodlarking ambles, we frequently gather windfallen wood and all manner of wild and natural treasures which sometimes later get crafted into Spirit of Old items. Other pieces are created from wood from other parts of Britain and Ireland, including ancient bog wood which has been naturally preserved, often for several thousand years. What Andy creates has real soul and it's all crafted in the Celtic heartlands of Wessex, southern England.

You can read more about Spirit of Old here, and you can find our main shop here. You may find that everything says "sold out" which helps to explain the rather specific shop update information above. If you're on the hunt for a new treasure from the shop, I'd definitely recommend having a look at the update time as things don't always hang around for long (fingers crossed, and thanks to all our lovely customers!). We post worldwide :-)

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