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Looks Like a Wolf to Me...

I've found quite a few bits of flint that are shaped like this, they all resemble a wolf,

at least that's what it looks like to me. They have varying shapes but all have that distinctive wolf head profile and all come from the same wooded area. They don't seem knapped, all seem natural. Years ago It was finding these that gave me the inspiration for carving the wolf amulets that we sell. I feel very driven with these, every so often I come across these bits of flint and they remind me of what to do, it's kind of my connection to this place. I'm sure long ago somebody must have picked these up and seen the same thing, only they actually had real wolves in the area to deal with. Things are much easier now, a walk in the woods several thousand years ago would have been a different thing compered to my saunter these days...

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