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When The Woodland Calls To You

And trees answer the call.

Sometimes we just need to be still.

A lot of the time i prefer quiet, or even just the sounds of the woodland to the noise of people

and i always find hanging out with really old trees is very calming.

With a lot of people i feel alone, but in the woods and with the trees i feel at home.

Some of my best thinking is done sat in the woods with my back to a tree.

We're kind of spoilt around here because there's plenty of really old ones, my favourites are the ancient Yews. There's a few that date from Saxon times in the woods here, big old beings that stand guard over the woodland. That's Yew trees that are over a thousand years old.

Every now and again they creak in the wind, never the same sound though.

Another language. Often when in the woods i like to just put my hand against

a tree, to make contact. I feel it's very grounding.

Other times i feel that just sitting down with my back against a tree works the same, and

i prefer to do it that way. It forces you to stop for longer and take in more of what's going on around you. It puts you into the moment.

I rest the back of my head against the trunk and get the same effect.

Just close your eyes, tune in and feel the energies all around you.

Breathe. We need this stillness, the time to listen to the sounds of nature going on around us. Many forget that we're a part of it and there's been a disconnect.

Just take the time to listen, Nature is always communicating, its energy is a language that speaks to our souls. And when you tune in, everything becomes spiritual. I'm sure there's something about doing this that helps us, it cleanses us somehow. Whether through grounding or some other means. I don't care if i get called a weirdo treehugger. It helps me :)

Try it, what harm can it do?

So just take the time out to visit the woods and sit with your back to a tree and listen...

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