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Celebrating Imbolc

Stuck for something to do for Imbolc or just don't know what to do?

Try this simple Candle Magick.

Start simple, using candle burning as part of your spiritual practice.

Whatever colour suits you, whatever you have to hand. Many people get hung up on specific colours and associations. Remember, in the old times the various shades would have been a luxury and the bland colour of tallow would have been the norm.

The elemental nature of fire.

The element of fire has been used by humans for thousands of years.

A centrepoint for gathering and storytelling. Under control, it can mean safety and warmth, provide comfort. The flame when used in candle magick can also become a focus for intent. It has been used in witchcraft for many, many generations, and by connecting with the flame we can try and cause change for good. Words and thoughts cause intent. It's said that the moment you start thinking or visualising a thought, ritual or spell, it begins.

Give it a go.

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