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An Unexpected Twist

Updated: May 7, 2022

A tree trunk covered in a latticework of ivy growth. A World War 2 mortar is in the crook of the tree.
Ivy-covered tree trunk holding a surprise

... Or a question of What's wrong with this picture? Can you spot it?

We had an interesting morning wandering in the woods. Certainly nothing unusual there! Whilst photographing the flowers and trees, Andy ambled over to look at this rather gorgeous ivy wrapping around the trunk, snapped a few pics and then noticed that he may have got more than he bargained for ...

He found a World War 2 two inch mortar bomb in the low down crook of the tree! It was pretty much intact. The area where we found it was used by the army for training in WW2 so things like this do turn up occasionally. It's not exactly what you expect though whilst admiring the moss!

Rusted metal mortar bomb in the crook of a mossy tree.
World War 2 mortar bomb in the crook of the tree

We thought we'd better err on the side of caution so called 999 and arranged to meet the Police at the top of the hill. It's a bit of a trek up there and we thought we ought to speed up a bit from the usual flower-spotting ambling pace. I passed such a beautiful patch of Milkwort on the way up the slope! It was tempting to just hang back and photograph it first but I resisted - maybe one for another day.

The Police arrived fairly swiftly and had a good look. They were planning to send pics to the bomb squad to see what to do next but we had to leave at this point so don't know what happened after this which is a shame - it would be interesting to know!

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