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Scenes From the Green Lanes

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Peachy orange chicken of the woods fungus growing on a log against a background of green ivy leaves
Chicken of the Woods fungus

Spring is in full force in the green lanes here in southern Britain and the weather is really warming up. It's such a change in just a few weeks, from feeling chilly and looking bare, through to already starting to have that slightly wild and unkempt look of verges full of lifeforce and energy.

Find of the week (so far ...) has to go to the Chicken of the Woods fungus in the pic above. Isn't it a beauty!

A tangle of wild fresh green leaves
Cleavers (Goosegrass) in the wild-looking verges

The verges are filling out with long tangles of cleavers (also known as goosegrass) which is just coming into flower. The different shades of green and the shapes of all the different leaves look so good together.

Delicate and tiny white cow parsley flowers billowing against a background of delicate green growth
Cow Parsley

A small pink flower against a background of delicate filigree leaves
Cut-Leaved Cranesbill

The cow parsley has that beautifully billowy look and the wide edges of the lanes are filled with it. Lower down, the pink of the cut-leaved cranesbill pops against filigree leaves.

White hawthorn flowers against a background of green hawthorn leaves
Hawthorn blossom looking strong

Hawthorn is in full bloom still, and the patches of rich blue speedwell are looking strong. You can see speedwell in the pic below, making a perfect pairing with the pink of herb Robert.

Small blue flowers and pink flowers against a background of fresh green leaves in a verge
Blue speedwell and pink herb Robert

Starry white flowers billowing against a background of green leaves and growth
Starry white stitchwort flowers in the verges

Stitchwort is a little less common but still there if you look. Occasionally, there's a whole swathe of it waiting to greet you as you round a corner. There's always something magickal about the pretty white starry flowers of stitchwort. They dance and wave in the wind and just look incredible.

I'll leave you with a final pic of the treetops because how could we overlook those? After a whole winter with them bare, isn't it just wonderful to see them full of leaves again and looking so fresh and green!

Looking up at green leafy treetops against a bright blue cloudless sky
Green leafy treetops

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