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Photo blog: Spring Woodland Wildflowers

Updated: May 2, 2022

Rich purple bluebells and starry white stitchwort flowers against a fresh green grassy background.
Bluebells and Stitchwort

Yellow Archangel in bloom against a green tangled background of grass and leaves
Yellow Archangel

A background of green leaves with greenish subtle flowers against it.
The subtle greenish flowers of Town Hall Clock, also known as Moschatel

Billowy and bushy hedge garlic against a backdrop of bluebells and large tree trunks.
Hedge garlic in the bluebell wood

A blue upright flower standing proudly in a green grassy wildflower meadow
Beautiful Bugle in a wildfower meadow

Fresh large green leaves with small white flower buds suspended beneath
Solomon's Seal flowers just beginning to emerge

A bright starry yellow flower in full bloom against a background of green leaves.
Celandine is an Ancient Woodland Indicator plant

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