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Signs Of Spring In The Woods

Updated: Feb 17

The quickening.

Make sure you take the time to observe the seasons as they pass.

I remember someone saying that if we're lucky, in our lifetime if we get to see eighty

of each of the seasons as they pass, i find that statement very grounding and it brings

home human mortality.

The Quickening. Be aware.

It's important to observe these times of the year, it helps us to tune into the seasons, to be there and take notice of the "quickening".

Whilst in a season time just passes, we go about our days without really noticing how time passes, how each season moves on.

The quickening of each season is when all of a sudden it speeds up.

So it's worth making the most of the time we have here to see nature unfold as the wheel of the year turns. As the seasons and the land around us start to change we celebrate the emerging life in the surrounding natural world. A walk in the woods at this time of year can also be a good time to reflect on the winter months that have just passed, and take the time to see the new life emerging as the veil of the darker months of the year passes and the light returns, and the warmth of the sun creeps across the land.

Bluebells emerging woodland
Bluebells emerging

Bluebells emerging
Bluebells emerging

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1 comentário

That’s so lovely to see the first signs of spring appearing and birds singing in the morning!

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